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Holistic Healing

We are taught that the disease of addiction is a three fold disease, mental, spiritual, and physical. In order to truly recover we must address each of these aspects equally. I had the pleasure of introducing some of our residents to Heather, from Heather’s Tru Healing.
Heather’s topic was focused on a holistic approach to healing trauma. Our residents absolutely loved her. She not only shared her story with us, but also helped each individual process some of their own personal traumas. It was absolutely something special to be apart of. Heathers gift is unlike any I have seen before. She has a way of connecting with every person she meets in a way that I cannot describe. It’s an experience like no other and I recommend everyone give it a try, at least once.  I am beyond grateful for her spending some time with us and helping guide our guys on their healing journeys. 

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